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Got Self-Care?

Would you like to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, or promote overall health and wellness? Do you have subborn body hair you need removed? Do you want to step out your house with beautiful, glowy skin? Do you need holisitc healing or to align your chakras? 

If you answered yes, our professional and experienced clinicians will take care of you! 

*Deposits are nonrefundable.* 

*Most massage prices are based on 60 minute sessions; sessions over 60 minutes are $2 per additional minute.*

-Individual/Couples/Skincare Sessions ($50 deposit required)

-Party Services ($50 [chair]/$75 [table] deposit required)

*All invoices include an additional 6% service fee that is due at the time you remit your payment via credit/debit or PayPal.*

*All nonrefundable deposits cover a travel fee up to 20 miles, as well as a convenience fee.* 

*Appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance; 1 week for parties.

*A $10 fee is required for each additional clinician that provides party services.

*Remaining payment in full is due 48 hours prior to parties.

*An additional $10 fee is required with deposits for last minute bookings. 

*An additional $25 "no show" fee is required if the appointment has to be rescheduled after the clinician already arrived to client's location or set up at our office.

*A gift certificate will be mailed to clients that have already paid in full  prior to their appointment date- but have requested to cancel or reschedule on the day of.*

*Payment in full is required for same day bookings.

* There's an additional mileage fee for all destinations past 20 miles from the clinician's starting point.

*Please contact us before booking long distance appointments for additional mileage fees.*


* All fees are mandatory donations.*

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